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Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

Living in a dorm is indeed fun. It shows that you can be independent despite being away from your parents and it also guarantees you to have unlimited fun things to do with your friends. Inviting them along to your dorm room becomes an inevitable thing when you get to socialize with your new friends in your campus or school. Thus, a cozy and chick dorm room is a must. Present your new friends with the coolest dorm room ideas for girls below and you can be the most popular girl in the school.

The first thing about cool dorm room ideas for girls for girls is neat and clean. There is no beauty in a dorm full with garbage and dirty clothes scattering around along with books and your random stuffs. Your friends will run away instantly from seeing that horrible scene. Be a neat freak in a good sense. Make use the various kinds of storage appliances available in stores. Shelves, boxes, dividers, organizers come in various designs and sizes which you can use to keep your random stuffs such as books, jewelries, accessories etc. remember to use minimal furniture to give enough space in your usually small dorm room. The bigger the space, the more comfortable you will live in it.

The next thing is ornaments and accessories. Having a cool room means that you need to be creative with the using of accessories in your dorm room ideas for girls. Since most dorms do not allow you to alter any parts of it such as painting on the wall, adding partition, etc, you need to be creative in making use of the available wall color for some decorations such as paintings, portraits, posters, etc. Set them neatly in one side of the wall only. Do not overdo it, since the more pictures or accessories you put on your wall the smaller the room will seem. One or two to three pictures on one wall is enough.

Since most of the time, beds and other furniture are given in the dorm, you cannot choose your favorite couch to lie down and studying and a modern working desk to work on your project. Most furniture is the same with the other rooms. That is why it is your job to decorate it without altering its basic form. Beddings can be the option for dorm room ideas for girls. Choose the matching color. It does not have to be the same color; it just needs to blend harmoniously with the color of the room and the curtain. Combine contrasting ideals in design, for example, brighter colored curtain, darker colored blanket or pillows but lighter colored sheet etc.

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