Floating Candles for Pool Ideas

Having an outdoor party in the middle of the night can be very romantic when you also set some flowing candles on your pool as your creative decorative elements. Candles are become more advanced nowadays that its old traditional function as lighting elements now change into a beautiful decorative element and therapeutic elements. Beautiful floating candles for pool ideas like the shining stars above are perfect to please your guest with the romantic ambience it offers.

There are some things you need to pay attention in the matter of floating candles for pool ideas. You have to choose the right size of candles, for about 5 to 6 inches width so it won’t be too big and too small to still float on your pool beautifully. Choose the ones with higher edges which can protect your candle from the wind and water movement. Larger surface area is better than the narrow ones since it can afloat much better on the water.

Glass on a pool is not encourages due to its mass which is hard for it to float and its prone to cause injuries when it slips and break into pieces. You can bring out the beauty of glass candles by replacing it with glass look plastic tray for your floating candles for pool ideas. They will stay afloat on water and if you pick the ones with higher edges, it protects the flame too. Remember to put some sand on it to keep it balanced and prevent it from flipping over.

If you want those floating candles for pool ideas to stay in a particular place of your pool, you can be creative and set holder on it. You can do it by melting some wax and stick a toothpaste tube or small handmade hook from plastic underneath the trays. Tie a fishing line under it according to the height of the water in your pool and then tie the other end of the line with a rock or heavy objects to keep it stay on particular areas. You can even create a pattern or writing by lining up candles in a particular ways with you hand made floating candles weight.

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