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Gallery kitchen is one of the most suitable designs for a small space apartment our house. It only requires limited space and with that limited space, this kind of kitchen is still able to do its jobs perfectly. The key success of this kind of design is its precise calculation and considerations to accommodate the works in it. Here are some basic simple kitchen design ideas gallery which can be used as your references in making one.

Do you remember what I have said before that kitchen design ideas gallery’s main function is mainly for cooking? To make your gallery kitchen works perfectly, you need to have a perfect working area. Despite the limited space you have make sure that you spare some space for your triangle working area. The standard calculation for your triangle area is 8 feet maximum of length and 7-12 feet of width. With this calculation, you can reach your appliances easily while you are working. Due to this limited space, this kind of kitchen might only fit for a single person only. Since transportation is till important, you need to give some space about 4-5 feet between countertop for this purpose.

The setting for your triangle working area in a kitchen design ideas gallery is very important. Make sure that you can still reach the appliances in your triangle. Have your stove, fridge in one side, and prepping sink on the other to make your triangle works. It can be done with double countertops opposite one another on both sides of your walls. Fridge can be used as the central or the side element. Remember to set the hinge door outside your triangle for easier access. Set your countertop’s height as optimal as possible and with equal length to keep it balances in order to get the bigger and accommodative working surface.

Add cabinets set on your kitchen design ideas gallery as storage. Make sure that the height of your cabinets suits your preferences. Remember, there is no exact rule, as long as it gives you comfort and does not get in the way while you are working, it will suffice. Set your base cabinets more than 24 inches deep with adequate toe kick so it can keep more storage and you can even add upper cabinet if you feel like it. To make it more efficient, you can leave the area above the sink clear of cabinetry. You can set open shelving as alternatives if you seek for more spacious look in your kitchen.

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