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Kitchen Islands with Seating

Entertaining guests is not only a dining room or living room activity. In fact, you can do it in your kitchen. Having your guests sitting on your kitchen island while you are prepping some food for them will definitely strengthen the bond between you and your guests and it will also give the homey feeling in your service to your guests. For this function, you need a kitchen island. If you do not know what to do about it, use this simple kitchen island with seating tips for your references.

First thing first, set your Kitchen Island with seating according to which kinds of serving style you’d like to have. If you want your family and guests to be able to have dinner like feast in your kitchen while you are cooking, you might want to have a table like Kitchen Island with dining chairs. Combining two functions requires you to consider on the comfort of your guests while waiting for your food. Make sure that the vent is high enough so it does not limit your guests’ space. Differentiate the height of the serving part and the cooking part of your island by setting the serving part lower than the cooking part or set up a partition to keep the space division.

A kitchen island with seating needs a different treatment with the regular prepping kitchen island. If the regular ones does not require you to choose the right place and size, this kind of island needs you to adjust the size with the type of chairs you want to have. For a kitchen island which serves as a dining place, you can set it to accommodate for 30 inches high chairs as the standard for someone to dine in. if you opt for a bar like kitchen island, you might need to level up your island into 36 inches stools top to accommodate the bar stools.

A kitchen is a busy working place, make sure that by changing your kitchen into a kitchen island with seating do not disturb your triangle working area. Clear your triangle working area from chairs. Set up at least 45 inches free space for passage way so your way in and out of your kitchen counter is not blocked.

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