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Simple Ceiling Designs to Boost Your Home Interior

Ceilings are important in the interior decorating of a room. Yes, it’s not something guest would see directly but when a ceiling treatment is done badly, it can ruin the room interior no matter how beautiful the decorations are. Traditionally, ceilings weren’t given much attention and were usually just painted white. However, there are now a lot of ways to make simple ceiling design beautiful and unique.

Simple ceiling designs are available for different types of ceilings. The conventional ceiling is what we all know. It’s flat, just like the walls or you may also find textured ceiling designs called popcorn. There’s also what we call conventional moldings. These are made with one piece of wood that covers the edges where the sheetrock touches ceilings and floors. The cathedral ceiling provides a high sloping line up to the house. This is suitable for the highest floor of the house. If you have a two-floored house, this type of ceiling can not be used in the first floor. Another type of ceiling is known as the vaulted ceiling. It extends upwards and creates a spacious feeling. A tray ceiling starts at the wall intersection and then built upwards in a cut out resembling a tray. Some create as much as 6 inches to one foot deep trays or have series of steps to get a dramatic look. And lastly, the cove ceiling has concave surface. It is usually incorporated in doorways or hallways.

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