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Things to know about nice curtains for living room

It’s crucial to know or understand the different fabrics. The type of material will dictate how well your curtain will function and hold up over time. Heavy curtains are great when you want to create a draping or folding effect. However, if the fabric’s too heavy, it might not fold properly when you draw them. If it’s too light, the fabric may not fall properly or block sunlight and noise. So, when shopping for the right material, hold it against a source of light and pleat it like an accordion and watch how the bottom drapes. If it flares, it’ll be nice on windows. Linen and velvet hang the best but faux silk can be more durable. Another thing to consider is its wear and tear. Fabrics will fade over time so if the room will be exposed to a lot of light, avoid bright colors.

The right curtain length can give the room a more spacious effect as well. Hanging panels that are higher than the window can give a sense of height in the room. If you’re going for a dramatic interior, hang curtains about six inches above the window frame. A traditional interior design will benefit from a puddled curtain design. This will mean adding more inches to your curtain measurement. If you intend to use the curtain to block sunlight and noises from outside, get a lined curtain because the extra thickness will help block light and noise. As far as design or print, you can get a lot of different designs for nice curtains for living room.

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