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Using movie room ideas

Before we go on about creating your movie room, let’s talk about the space needed. Some homes unfortunately won’t be able to afford the extra space. Unless you want to use your bedroom and make it as your movie room, a small apartment usually won’t be able to pull this off.

When living in a small house or apartment, the problem isn’t just the space but it’s also the acoustics. When creating a movie room you need to think about the wall paneling. It would be best to sound proof it so if you decide to watch an action movie with a lot of guns blaring, none of your neighbors end up calling the police for public disturbance. The paneling to sound proof the room will mean you’ll have thicker walls. Benefits however include having a surround sound that will make our home movie experience similar to that of a movie theater.

Movie room ideas are available online and you can pick one that will fit your space and your budget.

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